A few common friends, several flat dinners at Everton Hall, a couple of years in ELCM classes, a number of midnight snacks, many big two games, some computer mahjong games, several cable car rides, two overnighters, two early breakfasts at Mcdonald's, a few dates, a shared dessert, slices of hell pizzas, hours of chatting on ICQ, some fish 'n' chips, years in Wellington, two university degrees, a student loan, a move to Auckland, two diplomas in graphic design, a trip to Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, a business partnership, a whole lot of chicken wings, countless beach visits, two trips to Japan, some homemade pizzas, four new cars, seven days in Gold Coast, sixteen birthdays, many Sierras' iced chocolates, seven moves within auckland, two trips to Melbourne, plenty of movie marathon nights, four ipods, two trips to Sydney, goodness knows how many pairs of shoes, rounds of Wii tennis, two food shows, a few flights to Timaru, eighteen months of braces, a tour in Taiwan, several hours of horse riding, seven anniversaries, weeks of cooking lessons, nine christmases, four Macs, three iPhones, countless hours in Country Road, a relaxing walk in Kendalls bay, a nice dinner at Q, a stay at Stafford Villa, several candles, a tasty butter cream cake with cherries, some romantic tunes, a ring, a proposal, a few tears, an engagement, fifteen months of wedding planning, a house, a mortgage, two empty wallets, some new furniture, three weeks of renovations, with lots of love and laughter later, we're finally getting married on our 8th year anniversary!